Liberty Reserve

It is an online payment processor or you can say they are more of digital currencies. It is generally a digital currency exchanger. You can use it to store your currency in the value of USD or EURO or any other currency similar.
Liberty Reserve
Sign up steps:
Signing into Liberty reserve is very easy. Just click the banner above and you will be redirected to a page where a lot of details will be asked.
General information can be handled easily. But there is information which is necessary for you to be careful while giving them. Columns like “Password”, “Login Pin”, “Master Key” and “Personal welcome message” are really crucial in accessing you account. You need to remember them as they will asked every time you try to login to your Liberty reserve account.
After submitting all the information your account number(known as LR ID – LR for Liberty Reserve) will be generated which you will have to remember as Liberty reserve will not send the account information via e-mail. Make sure you are taking a screen shot of all the information and saving it somewhere, because that will be the only back up file for your account.

They charge a fee of 1% on the money that you receive to your account.
The minimum fee is 0.01$ and the maximum fee is 2.99$ apart from this there are no other fees that are charged by the processor.
Fund/ Withdraw funds to your Liberty Reserve:
This is done with the help of exchangers. Liberty reserve provides us with a list of exchangers with whose help you can fund/withdraw funds from your bank account to your Liberty reserve account.
Check this site for the list of exchangers:

Referral System:
Liberty reserve offers a referral system where you can make people join under you providing your referral link and as soon as that person confirms his/her account an amount of 0.05$ will credited to the referral account and 0.25$ will be credited to your account. And you will be getting 10% of whatever fee the referral is generating from his/her account.
This is a very great opportunity by the processor to earn a bit of extra money.

Exclusively for Merchants:
Well if you are a merchant then I guess you definitely need to know about a feature called “Shopping Cart Interface (SCI)”.
This is platform where a buyer can directly enter the details of how much he is paying to the seller and the amount is directly credited to the seller’s account. More detailed, If you enter a merchant’s site, say HYIP and you want to invest 10$ into the site. Now what is done generally is you take the merchant’s LR ID, then log in to your account then transfer the funds to his account. Instead if the merchant has SCI in his site you can directly enter the details of how much you want to pay the merchant and you will be directed to further pages where you need to confirm your payment by logging in with your account information.

They have a very active support system, which responds within 24 hours. They have an exclusive official blog where all the news is updated. Whenever the site is down for maintenance or is under Ddos attack or you are not able to access your account then you can check the blog for what is the reason for the downfall.
Here is the Link for the blog:
LR Blog

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