Paid to Post - Source of my Earnings

Paid to post - My experience and oppurtunities.

These are sites or rather forums where you get paid to post. These sites are generally of two types. One discussing about the online opportunities and the other discussing general social aspects.

There are a number of sites which come under the category of discussing the online earning opportunities:


Win by just posting - Last Post 65000(68$ to be won) and Last post 20000 (18.5$ to be won) Last post 5000(cool template to be won)
Win for answering Quiz - GAF General Quiz
We award New members and returning members as well - Best New and Returning members
Win daily awards for your contribution to the forum - Members of the day(3 Winners daily)
If you have a blog then participate and win a domain - RSS Feed contest
Bring more members and win - Referral Contest
This is for the TREASURE HUNT CONTEST --> Click here
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Goldage Forum


Per post 3 cents
Per New Thread 4 cents
For a Active referral 2.5$
Go through all the Rules and Information about the forum.
Look at all the Payment Proofs.

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Make Money Kingdom


How to earn points:
1, by posting, you can earn maximum 500 points
2. by referring people to sin on cashtalk you earn 2000 per referral(check your referral link in your profile.
3. by checking information board and see if there are some bonuses giveaway.
4.Check the contests area for more earning oppurtunities
a)Receive points just for having our link in your signature on other forums, use this code:
If you have 0-50 posts you earn 10 000 points ***(2500)
if you have 51-200 posts you earn 20 000 points ***(5000)
if you have 201-500 posts you earn 40 000 points *** (10 000)
if you have 501-1000 posts you earn 80 000 points *** (20 000)
if you have 1001-3000 posts you earn 160 000 points *** (40 000)
If you have 3001+ posts you earn 320 000 points *** (80 000)
*** If you have 1000+ posts you earn *** (30 000)

*** means urls in your signature with referral link
Here you can find how what to do with the points:

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Cash Talk

Webmaster- Money:

GET paid for posting
in our forum: you get paid $0.05 for every post you makeRULES
-> Honest Admin and paying since two years.


currently the posts rates are:
5 cent per thread
3 cent per post
10 cent per referral and reputation

We have contests also for members to win$: Contests and Prizes
Go through the rules: Rules and information of forum

My Hyip Forum


You will get 4 Cents For Threads
You will get 3 Cents For Replies
You will get 10 Cents For Active Referrals (More than Ten posts)

Minimum Payout : $10

Payment Option : Paypal

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